Read about our recent anti-Valentines day event. The advertiser recently wrote an article about our event it was a hit.

If the idea of Valentine’s Day sends chills up your spine – and not in a good way – Back Galley Cafe has the event for you.
The Camden cafe is hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration for singles, the recently dumped, friends with benefits and couples who hate the big day.

Cafe manager Bria Robertson-Smith said they came up with the idea as an alternative to more traditional Valentine’s events.
“Most places in the region are offering the romantic three-course sit down meals,” she said.
“We wanted to do something for everyone who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day or doesn’t want to celebrate the day.
“We’ll have some non-romantic foods, cocktails and live entertainment singing some classic break-up songs.”
Ms Robertson-Smith said the response to the event had been great.
“We’re going to have some singles tables for people to mingle and make new friends,” she said.
“We’ve also had a lot of couples book to come along because they aren’t fans of Valentine’s Day.
“A few girls have booked to come in with their single friends and we also have a couple tables of guys as well.”
When asked if she though people could potentially find love at the event, Ms Robertson-Smith said it would be a unique way to meet.
“I’m not opposed to someone finding love at the event – it would be absolutely ironic,” she said.
Ms Robertson-Smith said the event was not just about hating on the most romantic day of the year – it was also about making sure people felt included.

“We live in a society where if you don’t have love, you aren’t considered important,” she said.
“We wanted to create an environment at Back Galley where everyone is accepted and there is plenty of fun for everyone.”
The event costs $75 per person.
Ms Robertson-Smith encouraged people to come along to the I hate Valentine’s Day party.
“There will be killer cocktails, killer food and everyone will be as mopey as you are,” she said.